Tuesday, 10 July 1984

Pandanus from Ok Tedi region, Papua New Guinea

Collected by Debra Donoghue, Benjamin C. Stone
July 1984, Volume 38, Issue 3, pp 304-313


In the course of ethnobotanical and ethnoarchaeological studies in the Ok Tedi region, Kiunga subprovince, Western Province, Papua New Guinea, Debra Donoghue collected several botanical specimens as vouchers for her studies into the prehistory of edible-nut pandans in the New Guinea Highlands and for David Hyndman’s study of the use and names of pandans in the region.

These specimens were submitted to me through Dr. Hyndman for identification, and one set of duplicates has been deposited in the Lae Herbarium (PNG) and another in the University of Malaya Herbarium (KLU). Some of the collections are of considerable botanical interest, representing hitherto little-known species. One collection represents a new edible-nut species.

The following list contains the botanical identifications, collection data, and some taxonomic comments. All the collections were made in June 1981. The Ok Tedi region is located around 5°12’S, 141°17’E.

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