Friday, 25 December 2015

Papua Red Pandanus Oil is Now Available in Jakarta and Yogyakarta

The Papua Red Pandanus Oil was previously available in Yogyakarta since 2014 and from the end of this year

Starting from December 2015, the BANANA Leaf Cafe of PAPUA mart Group right now sell the Red Pandanus Oil from Jakarta.

All orders should be send to Mas Gito
Jl. Muhammad Kahfi no. 1
Gg, Nila No. 75
Kel. Ciganjur
Kec. Jagakarsa
Jakarta Selatan
SMS: 0856-9135-0287

or Jhon Kwano at WA: +6285769223000

You can also buy from our Main Office in Yogyakarta:

Jl. Bedreg No. 39, RT/RW: 08/41, Sambilegi, Maguwoharjo, DEPOK 55282, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta

For further information, please visit physically or online with the following addresses:

  • Jayapura: 081286101000 (Manager PAPUAmart) atau 0810183000 (Jhon Kwano)
  • Yogyakarta 082232893000 (Mas Minus) dan
  • Jakarta 0856-9135-0287 (Mas Gito)
  • Email:;;;
  • Social Media: Twitter/FB/Tumblr: @papuamart

We hope that the Papua Red Pandanus Oil will contribute to the healing of many human beings in the world who are suffering various modern deadly diseases cased by either our modern unhealthy lifestyle or by our polluted environment.

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