Thursday, 31 March 2016

4 Categories of Uses of the Papua Red Pandanus Oil

We Papuans already known three uses of the Yellow and Red Pandanus Oil (pandanus conoideus lam) since time immemorial, i.e., (1) for stamina, (2) for treatment, and (3) as supplement. Only until 1990s and early 2000 that we all know the Oil of this Papua Pandanus Fruit can (4) cure many modern deadly diseases such as tumor and cancer.

We Papuans normally consume Wanggene (Yellow Pandanus) and Tawy (Red Pandanus) and treat them as very special dietary food and we do have certain persons (chiefs) responsible for the cultivation and harvesting of the fruit, because our ancestors already knew from time immemorial that this fruit is second to the "pigs-meat".

Pigs meat is the only source of vitamin and protein that the New Guinea highlanders used to consume traditionally and this medicinal Pandanus Fruit was and is always regarded as beneficial to the life of the people.

We already know to feed those who are weak and need body recovery from incidents or illness should consume sufficient Tawy or Wanggene in order to get back our stamina.

We also knew that we can treat our skin diseases and even use as soup for cleaning our bodies. We knew as well that we can stop bleeding by applying the oil/ paste of the pandanus.

Just recently, after being scientifically proven by Denny Yomaki in 1990s and I Made Budi in 2006 that we now know this miraculous fruit can cure various modern deadly diseases such as cancer, tumor, osteoporosis, and asthma.

We do expect that further studies will be developed to find out benefits of more plants and animals of this Island of New Guinea.

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